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From interior renovation projects to new construction, NEWARK METAMETRICS can meet all your needs throughout the states of New York and New Jersey. As your project management firm, we'll handle all the details of your project, no matter what its size, ensuring that your new office, building, or office space meets your needs as well as local, state, and federal building codes.




Meet all your project needs with NEWARK METAMETRICS.

(973) 242-4687

About Us

NEWARK METAMETRICS has more than 20 years of project management and architectural engineering experience that we bring to any architectural project in New York or New Jersey. Our owners, began their careers in the late 1980s as freelance architectural drafting and project management professionals. In 2005, we formed NEWARK METAMETRICS, where we handle everything from assembling the perfect team for a project to managing each step of the project throughout the construction phase. Today, we work with corporate, institutional, or art construction, with projects ranging all over the spectrum.

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